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A simple guide to naming a new product / brand and preparing its packaging design.

Everyone on Instagram wants to know how they can grow their followers list fast - whether you have your own personal account, if you’re an influencer or even if you want to market your business and reach out to your target audience!

Facebook without a doubt has been the worlds most frequently used social media platform since 2004. But other than that, multiple businesses and brands are curating content for posts and engaging with their audiences on a regular basis!

Live streaming and interacting with customers on social media platforms is a continuing emerging tactic when it comes to marketing. By coming up with unique ways to entertain and interact with your followers, you can find success and get ahead of your competitors. Just be sure to create compelling content and interact with those watching.

With the current day and age, the Food and Beverage Industry is slowly but steadily becoming a crowded place. Some are successful and some are not. But it’s not just about the food. It’s about spreading awareness and using the digital platform effectively that dictates the launch of an outlet. If the launch is successful it has got the required push to at least to start off.