Fun City, a Family Entertainment Centre, an offering of theLandmark Group of companies was in existence in the region since 1999 with 11 outlets in the UAE. Though they had the widest network and presence in terms of entertainment in the UAE, even after 12 years, they had little or no brand recall.


In 2011 the agency was asked to develop a brand new identity, keeping in mind the target audience (children 2 to 12 years). A brand story, positioning and a complete 360 degree brand overhaul that included every aspect of Funcity. From guiding and creating communication, retail decor to signages, to uniform. A whole new brand experience….


The agency first charted out a series of icons that depict the best of play time. The new Funcity story evolved around a few doodled icons - 'SMILEYS' and the 'POW'. Simply because Funcity was a place that offered kids a lot of joy, happiness and fun. When there is fun there is Action. There is Playfulness. There is Joy. And finally, there is laughter. The new Funcity identity was born to tell a story of 'POW' and 'SMILEYS'. Since comic book times to cartoons, whenever there is action it has been denoted by a specific shape. This shape comes alive and we called it the 'POW'. Others might know it as the 'THWACK' or the 'TISHOOM'.

All of these shapes together formed the new Funcity Brand Identity - to unleash the power of fun into a child's life. Together they form Funcity's new identity. A story of the power of fun. - 'POW' which brings into the world lots and lots of smiles or 'SMILEYS'! Thus the new Brand Identity for Funcity was created with a vision and a story.


With the renewal of its brand identity, the agency went on to design every aspect of the outlets, from uniform, to wall graphics, to signages, to powercards, to height scales. Marketing collateral, campaigns press materials et al.


Since the launch of its new Brand Identity the Fun City today has registered an average of 12-14% growth, and a 16% increase in transaction, year on year. Fun City has over 80 outlets in the Middle East and in India. The outlets are selling more than 2million cards annually since 2012 in the Middle East.

Footfall after launch - Approximately 12 million visitors across middle east, with more than 100 million game plays.

• Fun City has grown 33% CAGR, average by outperforming industry growth rate of 8%.

• Fun City is the favorite ‘Birthday Party’ destination with over 93000 children attending birthday parties in 2013.

• Over 80,000 children visited a Fun City centre through school visits.