Whenever a Krispy Kreme outlet has opened the world over, there has always been a tradition of long queues and crowds waiting to taste the first HOT DOUGHNUT. Crowds have even camped overnight and waited for hours. Such is the frenzy that revolves around a Krispy Kreme store opening anywhere in the world. A Krispy Kreme Store opening is not considered a success if the same does not happen.

In the UAE, Krispy Kreme was an unknown brand. And unlike the rest of the world, the first Krispy Kreme store in Dubai was NOT a stand alone outlet. It was located in a Mall.


Create interest with a brand building exercise prior to store opening. Replicate Krispy Kreme’s worldwide success - Endless queues of people waiting for store to open!


To get crowds in for the first store launch, a 'key hook' was conceptualised - 'Free doughnuts for a year' for the first 25 customers at the new outlet. The next 25 were to receive 'Free doughnuts for 6 weeks'. A special leaflet was created with the details of the same and distributed in an innovative fashion across Dubai, along with a box of Free Doughnuts. Extensive sampling and distribution of leaflets through a specially branded vehicle and a Segway were devised in key venues all across Dubai for 2 months prior to the opening. From gas stations to offices, malls to highways, tennis stadiums to aviation colleges.... the list was endless.


Over 500 people queued up for the store to open (a first for any store opening inside a Mall in Dubai). 6 people were the first to arrive at the Mall and stayed there for the opening since 9.30 am. The store opened at 5:00 pm. Only 50 had a chance to win - Hundreds waited to purchase Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Deira City Centre presented Krispy Kreme with a ‘Best Launch Campaign’ award. Till date, the same mechanism and idea conceived by the agency has been replicated at many store openings around the world.