When you are about to name a product come up with Brand names that revolve around the following factors.

SOUND: Simple, Easy to Pronounce, Easy recall value,

ASSOCIATIONS:  Aspirational, Emotional Connect, Product Benefit Connect.

The names should be selected keeping in mind all of the above criteria. It could have a MEANING or simply be pleasant sounding but memorable. It could be a food attribute, occasion’s attribute, product benefit, or simple connects that appeal emotionally. Your  Agency or Design partner should explore a wide range and then select the best for their client. And present them with recommendations of their preference.


Once the brand Name is selected get your agency or design partner to start work on packaging design.

1) Competition Check

Conduct a detailed study on competitive brands in the markets that the brand is venturing into. A note should be made of the most successful brands, or the highest selling brands in the same market. The same should brief should be handed to your agency.

2) Colour Indicators

Your Agency or Design partner should create a palette of possible colour schemes for the packaging. The colours should be selected in relation to the products. If there are any consumer habitual associations with recall value – eg. YELLOW for cracker, BLUE for Cookies, the design team should choose the palette that fits the consumers buying pattern best. Or take a creative leap if it seems fit.

3) Packaging Content and Proportions

Your Agency or Design partner along with client indicators will discuss the proportions of all the key elements and position the same on the relevant pack. Key product benefits will be highlighted. The selection of the same should be dependent on key differentiators, if any or taste appeal attribute. Could also be a special ingredient highlight (eg. made with real butter)

4) Product Photography and Placement

Your Agency or Design partner should during design stage ensure product compilation on packaging based on some clear guidelines:

  • Fresh, Delicious, Tempting (food), or clean neat lighting on products.
  • Clear, high quality imagery to associate the product with the buyer
  • Indications of usage if required, and only used if it enhances buyer appeal (eg. Teatime, chocolate splash etc. – food) or saw on a plank of wood (meachnical)
  • Highlight icon to be added with USP would add value to the consumer

5) Overall Appeal

After the design is done, ensure your packaging lives up to the brand promise details as per your brief:

  • Premium and International.
  • Not a misfit in category.
  • Attractive, eye-catching and stands out on shelves against competition.
  • It should live up to a singular appeal: ‘PICK ME UP’.