How to Get Organic Followers on Instagram
Everyone on Instagram wants to know how they can grow their followers list fast - whether you have your own personal account, if you’re an influencer or even if you want to market your business and reach out to your target audience!

Instagram is becoming an integral part for people around the world in their day-to-day lives.

Everyone on Instagram wants to know how they can grow their followers list fast - whether you have your own personal account, if you’re an influencer or even if you want to market your business and reach out to your target audience!

So, here comes the crux of this article - “If you’re running a personal brand or business, how can you effectively and efficiently grow your followers?” 

Followers can be classified into two categories - organic followers and paid followers.

While it is effortless and easier to allocate a budget on Instagram to promote your page, what you may not know is - most of these followers aren’t really your target audience and just build up as spam followers on your page.

Let’s go through a few tips and tricks on how you can keep your page fresh, authentic and engaging for your potential audience organically. 

Consistent Content

To grow your Instagram account, you can’t rely on only posting one picture and expecting it to go viral. A great number of posts don’t go viral, which means you need to find a way to push your content in front of your intended audience. 

Posting on a consistent basis keeps your followers on the edge, making them look forward to your next post.

Big businesses usually post multiple times in a day while smaller brands post few times a week. Whichever category fits your business; just make sure to keep a schedule which is consistent.

Maintaining a timetable for your posts is one important aspect when consistency is involved. The second aspect includes consistency of quality content. 

There’s a lot of babble on Instagram nowadays and you need to make sure that you as a brand stand out.

Stock or online photos won’t contribute much in the growth of your followers. Prospective audiences like to see pages that create their own riveting content.

Content Production & Diversity

Engaging your followers is no longer restricted to in-feed posts. Instagram keeps updating their app with metrics such as IGTV, Stories, interactive tools (questions, polls, quizzes etc.) 

The more content types there are, the more opportunities you have to increase engagement on your page and consequently - your organic Instagram growth.

Other than the usual timeline posts, it is recommended to commit to a few stories in a week to establish a regular flow of content.

Users that tag your Instagram handle on their stories can easily be reposted onto your stories so that you get more exposure.

It cannot be stressed enough that superior quality content and consistent activity is important for account growth.

Run Contests & Promotions

In order to grow followers and expand your brand presence, let your audience preview a demo or sample of your brand. It could be a product or a service experienced after you’ve run a campaign or contest on your page; allowing people to participate and win (let’s face is - who doesn’t love free or discounted things?!)

If you’re consistent with giveaways and promotions, your followers are more likely to stick around longer and wait for your next big giveaway announcement!

Cross-Sharing on Media Platforms

While Instagram is one of the most trending social media app currently, you should keep in mind that there are other social media platforms to tap into.

People have multiple social media accounts on different apps and each platform has its own unique strengths. For example, consider offering different kind of content on Facebook so that you direct your audience to your Instagram profile for more exclusive content.

You can also go beyond social media and incorporate your content into other digital spaces. Add social media buttons to your newsletter and/or other forms of communication with your audience.

The idea of cross-promoting your brand pulls people towards you.

Collaborate with Influencers

The influencer market has without a doubt grown significantly over the past couple of years. Influencer marketing is a great way to utilise a smaller budget and get brand exposure easily.

Micro-influencers are those who have fewer followers but usually a more engaged audience. 

Influencers like these are willing to jointly work with other brands to up their value. 

The more influencers talk about your brand, the more trust it instills in your company. As they discuss your brand more with their followers, your organic growth will increase.


There are many ways to grow your followers on Instagram, but we have highlighted a combination of the best proven working strategies to gain maximum exposure for your brand steadily and organically.

Test out different combinations and measure your performance based on your strategies and don’t forget to keep up with the latest social media trends!